Dr. Luis Cuadros 505.243.7670


Pt name: ________________________________________ DOB: _______________

CSN: _______________________________

Date: _______________________________

Allergies: ______________________

Weight: _______________________ Kg


Status: Admit Inpatient to Peds Unit 6th floor if under 18 years old, or to STC/GSU if over 18 years old

Diet: Advance to regular diet as tolerated

Activity and Position: Ad Lib, Elevate head of bed on one pillow

IV: D5 ½ NS @ 50cc/hr

Pulse oximeter; O2 via mask or blow-by to keep O2 saturation > 95%

Ice or cold packs to eyes – start in PACU, then continue for 8 hours


Kefzol 1gram IV Q8hr

Morphine Sulfate 1-2mg IV Q1hr PRN pain

Tylenol 650mg PO/PR Q4hr PRN T > 101.5ºF or PRN pain

Tylenol with codeine elixir 5-10cc PO Q 4 Hours PRN pain

Percocet 5/325 1-2 PO Q6hr PRN pain

Toradol 30mg IV Q8hr PRN

Zofran 4mg IV Q6hr PRN nausea

Phenergan 6.25mg-12.5mg IV Q8hr PRN nausea

Phenergan 25mg PO/PR Q8hr PRN nausea

Droperidol 1.25mg IV Q6hr PRN nausea

Benadryl 25mg PO Q6hr PRN itching

Benadryl 12.5mg IV Q6hr PRN itching

Bacitracin 1oz tube at bedside

Wound and Nasal Care: Q8hr and PRN

             Change drip pad Q 2-6 Hrs or more frequently as necessary

Clean wound, remove dry blood with ½ strength H2O2 using cotton tip applicator

Apply copious amount of Bacitracin to base of nose incision site

Please have at bedside: Disposable blue chux, box of 4x4 gauze, 500cc saline irrigation,

            suture removal set, sterile cotton tip applicators, Bacitracin ointment

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